Welcome to the official A Dollar Campaign blog!

A Dollar Campaign was created in 2012 through hard work and dedication. Our mission is to fund pediatric cancer research. Donations are spent on research, state of the art equipment/instruments and parent/patient care. We also plan to expand and financially assist families who currently have a child with cancer.

So who is behind A Dollar Campaign?


Allow me to formally introduce myself… My name is Seri Roth and I founded A Dollar Campaign when I was in high school. All we ask of our donors is for $1 donations so that everybody can be a part of finding the cure. We wanted to create a charity that would make it easy for kids and young people to get involved.  We also wanted to send the message of how far one dollar can go, and that every dollar counts.

 If every person in the world donated just one dollar, imagine how much money we would raise to fund pediatric cancer research. We are not stopping until a cure has been found.

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