Featured Hero: Allison

We are honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to sweet Allison. The blog post below was written by Allison’s father. 


Our little Allison had an 8 hour emergency surgery on Sunday, May 15th. Allison, was always a healthy, vibrant, energetic, smiling, happy toddler, so this came as a shock to all of us! She had never been to the hospital except when she was born. However, in early May, Allison complained of not feeling well and had lost her appetite. She also said her tummy hurt and had a slight fever for a few days. We also found a hard area on the left side of her abdomen. We took Allison to her pediatrician, who immediately directed us to take her to the emergency room as she thought it was a tumor. After several studies, it was determined that Allison had a Wilms Tumor – this is an extremely rare kidney cancer, only affecting 500 children in the US. The tumor was removed along with her left kidney in an eight hour emergency surgery that was supposed to take between 3 and 5 hours. Allison’s left lung collapsed after the surgery and she spent the next five days in the ICU. Once she stabilized she was transferred to the pediatric oncology unit and underwent various tests including an MIBG nuclear test. The pathology results changed the original diagnosis to a Neuroblastoma Stage IV high risk cancer. Allison spent a total of 16 days at INOVA Fairfax Children’s Hospital before coming home this past Sunday evening.

Her mom, Irma never left the hospital for the entire time. I am a teacher and have taken off the last five weeks of school with the FMLA to be with my family. My friend and former neighbor Mary Lammert started our GoFundMe page, ALLISON’S ARMY, and is organizing other fund raising options for us.


After her tumor pathology was completed, Allison’s final diagnosis was that she has Neuroblastoma Stage IV high risk cancer. It is very rare with less than 700 cases in the United States each year. However, her recent tests show that the cancer has not spread to her bones or head and is just in the locations in her chest that we were already aware of from earlier tests and the surgery. However, yesterday we learned unfortunately she also tested positive for the MYCN amplified gene which also makes her prognosis unfavorable.

She has started an aggressive protocol to attack the cancer.
She already had her first round of chemotherapy while still in the hospital last week and will undergo four or five more rounds of Chemotherapy. Followed by two months of quarantined stem cell transplants at Children’s Hospital in DC only accompanied by her Mommy. Next, at least two weeks of radiation therapy. Lastly, she will have antibody treatments. The entire process to make Allison cancer free will take over a year. We hope and pray she will beat the odds which the doctors have given her with her unfavorable prognosis.

You can support Allison directly on her Gofundme page! Click here to show your support! 

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